Ahhh, a weekend.

Saturday morning we read books, ate breakfast, got ready and headed out to the MN Zoo.  We arrived around 9:40 a.m. (perfect time because the crowds haven’t arrived).  It was beautiful outside so we decided to take a look at the Grizzly Bears and Sea Otters.  Kiera and Colin enjoyed both!  We headed back inside to check out the animals that live in MN on the Minnesota Trail.  Kiera Daddy did a great job getting all the embossed imprints of the animals along the trail.  Colin enjoyed his time in the baby bjorn and Kiera enjoyed the ride in the stroller.  We love that we can go to the zoo even for a short while, it’s so nice to have an annual zoo pass.  Thanks, Gram and Grandpa Duey!  After a beautiful morning we enjoyed a relaxing lunch of hamburgers and endless fries.

I continued my adventures in baby food making-roasted squash/pears and apple-carrot sauce.  After an attempt and fail at nap time for Kiera we played outside.  It was 65 degrees and beauuutiful.  We rode in the cozy coup, talked with our neighbor and tried to shield Colin from some of the wind :-)  For dinner we enjoyed a chicken/salsa/taco/rice casserole.  It was pretty tasty, to toot my own horn!  To add “realness” to this post, getting ready for bed was tough.  Josh went to work out and I took on getting the kids ready for bed, which I should be able to handle since we have had 2 kids for 6 months, right?!  Colin enjoyed his bath, always does.  He startled himself by splashing himself in the face and then laughing hysterically.  Kiera went potty and refused to wash her hands, saying “NO!” to me several times.  I gave her several warnings to not talk to mommy that way and please wash her hands (maybe I should have picked my battles, but you have to be firm, right?, ugh)  The next step was time out, but Colin was in the tub, I couldn’t leave him.  So, time out on the bench in the bathroom.  She wouldn’t sit, lots of crying (remember no nap today, either…)  I take Colin out of the bath, get his jammies on, all while Kiera is crying on the bench in the bathroom.  Now it’s time for Kiera’s bath, oh boy.  It consisted of lots of crying, water rushing over her head and Colin screaming while laying on the landing.  All done.  Now time for bottle, snack and stories.  How am I going to do this?  Kiera finishes putting on her jammies.  Colin and I get the bottle ready.  Kiera decides everything is all right.  She waits patiently in bed while I am feeding Colin (who decides to take an eternity to eat tonight).  I read a few stories while Kiera turns the pages, ok, we’re doing this…Daddy gets home takes Colin to our room to finish his bottle.  I snuggle in with Kiera, 5 pages in to Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, and she’s sleeping :-)  So ends the evening “routine.”  I psych myself up for the weekly grocery run at 8:45 p.m., thank goodness they’re open late!

Sunday we sprung ahead and missed church, which bums us out, but gives us time to be at home together.  Kiera and I enjoyed breakfast, Josh and Colin slept a little longer.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to do something with my little miss K.  We made yummy glazed doughnut muffins. She was a great helper.  While making muffins Colin needed his a.m. nap and Josh joined him.  While the boys rested; we finished the muffins, cleaned the counters, scrubbed the kitchen floor (Kiera was on her hands and knees with me, what a little helper!), cleaned the bathroom, took a muffin break, played Candy Land and ventured outside to enjoy the beautiful morning!  We created chalk drawings, sat and chatted in our lawn chairs and chased Kali in the cozy coup!  We had our first lesson in “Don’t talk to strangers.”  I ran in to start some lunch while K played outside.  I said if someone came to run up the stairs and yell mommy.  She did just what I said to do and caused me to have a mild heart attack!  (Kiera came running up because someone had stopped in the road two houses down and got out of her car, while talking on the phone, to see if our neighbor was home.)   How did you learn not to talk to strangers or what have you taught your little ones?

Daddy and Colin, after a 2 1/2 hour nap :-), joined us for lunch.  Kiera’s turn to take a nap, didn’t happen.  Colin and Mommy enjoyed a nice chat with grandma and grandpa Sabol on Skype.  We met our wonderful friends, the Dockens, at the park for a play date. The girls were running around, playing together, talking, and  yelling for each other when they got separated.  We were trying to keep a distance and let them do their own thing, but they’re still so little :-)  (Kiera did end up taking a slide down some really steep stairs, her bottom was a little bruised.  Another heart attack moment!)  I can only imagine what a play date at the park will be like with Max and Colin running around, too!  We headed home to buffalo chicken sandwiches waiting for us in the crock-pot.  Another Sunday highlight was sitting on the couch watching Kiera make Colin laugh hysterically by making funny faces.  Colin thinks she is so silly!  When Kiera was falling back laughing we discovered that one of her 2 year molars popped through and a second one is on it’s way!  I love what we learn about each other in these precious moments of just being together.  Josh and I ended our evening with a weekly (4 weeks and going strong) routine – Game Night!  TiddlyWinks was the game of choice this evening.  I am doing a VERY good job at learning how to lose gracefully and Josh is being a VERY gracious winner!

This weekend was wonderful, absolutely needed and is time I cherish as a family.  We really get to know each other and aren’t running around the town, we’re at home enjoying each other and the home we are creating.  I LOVE it, I LOVE my family!

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